Suggested Loading Protocol for DNA Ladders & Markers


Dilute only 1 µl of DNA Ladder at a time

  1. Prepare loading mixture as follows:
    Distilled water (dH20)* or TE Buffer 4 μl
     Gel Loading Dye, Purple (6X), no SDS 1 μl
     DNA Ladder/Marker 1 μl
     Total Volume 6 μl
  2. Mix gently by pipetting
  3. Load onto the agarose gel

*For multiple loads, dilution, and storage, use TE or other buffer of minimal ionic strength instead of water. DNA may denature if diluted and stored in dH20.

This protocol is recommended for a 5mm wide gel lane. The components of the mixture should be scaled up or down, depending on the width of the lane.