Expression of MCP-GPI (N9320)


Transient expression
Expression of MCP-GPI can be achieved by transiently transfecting cells in culture with standard transfection protocols. The appropriate reagent and time to permit adequate expression must be empirically determined. pMCP-GPI has performed well in transient transfection of CHO-K1, Cos-7, U-205 and NIH 3T3 cells. In most cases, ACP-GPI can be observed within 24 hours post-transfection. This plasmid is not suitable for stable transfection.

In general we have not experienced problems expressing MCP-GPI from the pACP-GPI plasmid. Labeling of transfected cells with a fluorescent CoA substrate should show strong surface fluorescence. Note that the intensity of this fluorescence may vary depending on cell line and substrate used.