FAQ: What is the difference between NEBExpress® Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System and the PURExpress In Vitro Protein Synthesis Kit?

The PURExpress® In Vitro Protein Synthesis Kit is a reconstituted protein synthesis system where all necessary components needed for in vitro transcription and translation (including T7 RNA Polymerase) are purified from E. coli and mixed in a multicomponent solution. All protein components are His-tagged (except the ribosome). PURExpress® contains minimal nuclease and protease activities. The protein mix is combined with an optimized reaction buffer for coupled transcription and translation.

The NEBExpress® Cell-free E. coli Expression System is a high activity lysate from E. coli, that in combination with an optimized reaction buffer, T7 RNA Polymerase, and RNase inhibitor, allow coupled transcription and translation.

Both systems are compatible with plasmid and linear DNA templates; mRNA can also be used as a template.

To compare PURExpress and the NEBExpress® Cell-free E. coli Protein Synthesis System by application, reference the application chart under the tools and resources tab.