FAQ: Can I use α1-2,4,6 Fucosidase O in a double digest with other exoglycosidases?

Yes. We recommend simultaneous digestion with other exoglycosidases using 1X GlycoBuffer 1 (50mM NaAcetate, pH 5.5, 5mM CaCl2).  For example, α1-2,4,6 Fucosidase O can be combined in a simultaneous digest with other exoglycosidases such as α2-3,6,8,9 Neuraminidase A (NEB# P0722), α1-3,4,6 Galactosidase (NEB# P0747), β1-4 Galactosidase S (NEB# P0745) and β-N-Acetylglucosaminidase S (NEB# P0744)