FAQ: Will any NEB methyltransferases (methylases) work on RNA?

Yes, EcoGII Methyltransferase (NEB #M0603) produces 5-10% methylated adenosine residues on RNA substrates. However, other methyltransferases do not. Please note: NEB has tested the following transferases/methylases (MT): dam Methyltransferase (NEB #M0222), AluI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0220), BamHI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0223), M.SssI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0226), EcoRI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0211), M.CviPI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0227), HaeIII Methyltransferase (NEB #M0224), HhaI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0217), HpaII Methyltransferase (NEB #M0214), MspI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0215) and TaqI Methyltransferase (NEB #M0219) using their supplied reaction buffers on two substrates:1) An in vitro transcribed mRNA encoding Firefly luciferase (1 µg) and 2) total HeLa RNA (250 ng). Each substrate was incubated with two amounts of enzyme (1 and 5 µl) for 1 hour at 37°C (65°C for Taq I MT), cleaned up using a spin column, digested to individual nucleosides using an enzyme cocktail and analyzed by LC/MS to identify modified and unmodified residues. None of the methylases examined were able to transfer a methyl group to the RNA substrates examined.