Passion in Science® Award Details

We are accepting applications for the 2024 Passion in Science Awards through June 1st, 2024. Apply today.


At New England Biolabs, we believe that the pursuit of science is one path to building a greener and more compassionate world. We are motivated by a set of core, foundational values that are still as true today as they were when we founded the company over 50 years ago: the belief that science should be used to expand our understanding of the world around us; the belief that scientists can also act as humanitarians; the belief that all species, great and small, benefit when we care for the environment; and the belief that great science is fundamentally creative and artistic, and changes the way we see and experience our world.

The Passion in Science Awards recognize those within the scientific community working to solve many of today’s challenges. We are thrilled to recognize the inspiring work of these individuals. Individuals are invited to apply for one of the four award categories.


Scientific Mentorship and Advocacy

Science Mentorship

At NEB, we draw inspiration from the passion of scientists whose values drive them to keep looking for answers. As a company established by scientists for scientists, we are dedicated to the advancement of science and science education. We strive to provide scientific resources through our website and catalog, and hope that these tools support your research and help you educate others within your community.

With this award, we wish to honor scientists who are devoted to making a difference in their respective fields and sharing their valuable knowledge with others. From everyday experimental acts to paradigm-shifting theories, it is your passion for science that will continue to inspire others and drive scientific advancement.

Humanitarian Duty

Humanitarian Duty

At NEB, we see opportunities all around us where science can be used to improve lives. Regardless of the size of the act, we continue to be guided by our responsibility to each other and our community to work towards a kinder and more just world. In the words of NEB’s founder Don Comb, “Let’s find a better way”. This philosophy lies behind the company’s longstanding commitment to its parasitology research program, which contributes to the understanding and treatment of poorly funded and understudied tropical diseases.

With this award, we wish to recognize individuals within the scientific community who are doing just that: finding a better way, thinking outside the box, and donating their wits and time to help others improve their lives.

Environmental Stewardship

Environmantal Stewardship

When NEB built its headquarters in Ipswich, MA, USA, the main laboratory’s footprint was designed to preserve several pre-existing copper beech trees. In fact, every decision made in the design of each of NEB’s facilities is with sustainability in mind. NEB’s main laboratory facility is LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and ISO 14001 certified, and the campus also hosts a unique Solar Aquatics Wastewater System®, which mimics natural processes found in streams and wetlands to treat the campus’ wastewater. It is our goal to continuously improve our business processes in order to minimize our impact on the environment.

We believe it is important to reach out to our customers, to learn from you, and to be reinvigorated by your commitment to environmental conservation. With this award, we aim to recognize individuals within the scientific community who are committed to promoting a more sustainable world.

Arts and Creativity

Arts and Creativity

You might be surprised to learn that NEB headquarters is covered in art – from the sculptures that grace the grounds of our campus to the gallery that sits just inside our main entrance – we believe there is a real place for art in science. Our collection has been curated for 50 years, and it inspires creativity that drives scientific breakthroughs. We also support local art programs out of a core belief that fostering creativity is essential to self-improvement and social change.

With this award, we recognize the creativity of our customers with the new, unpredictable, and stunning ways that art and science intersect.


Passion in Science Awards FAQs

Q1: Who is eligible to participate?

A1: Any individual, from anywhere in the world, over the age of 18, who is doing great work in one of the four Award categories, can enter to receive an Award. Further details on eligibility for these Awards can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Q2: How will the winners be chosen?

A2: A panel of NEB staff members will select the winners.  Winners will be judged on how well their work demonstrates impact, initiative, and originality in the applicable Award category.

Q3: Can an individual self-nominate?

A3: Yes. An individual should submit references in the section provided for trusted colleagues, who can speak to the individual’s career and work.

Q4: Can a team win an Award?

A4: No. Only an individual can win an Award. If an individual’s work was conducted as part of a team effort, please select one person from the team to represent the work.

Q5: Can an Individual apply for more than one Award category?

A5: No. An individual can only apply in one Award category.

Q6: What will winners receive? How will they be administered?

A6: The Award winners will be invited to NEB’s facilities in Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA, to receive their Awards. As part of this invitation, the winners will take a tour of the facilities and participate in discussions on how NEB may be able to further support their work. NEB will also make a $1,000 donation to a mutually agreed upon charity on the winner’s behalf.

Q7: What will be required of the winners?

A7: Winners will be required to participate in person at the NEB Passion in Science Awards ceremony and event program at NEB headquarters in Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA from October 9-10, 2024. During this event, winners will be invited to attend seminars, take tours and participate in group discussions with fellow Award winners. NEB will cover travel costs.  Winners will need to grant permission to be filmed during the event program and agree to be interviewed on camera. Winners will also need to participate in any press activities surrounding the Awards and event program.  Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q8: When will the winners be chosen?

A8: The winners will be notified by July 19th, 2024 by email.

Q9: What if a winner cannot attend the Award ceremony and event program?

A9: If a winner is unable to attend the Award ceremony and event program, unfortunately the winner will be considered ineligible for the Award.  Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.

Q10: Does an individual need to involve the individual’s institution or employer in the Award nomination/entry process?

A10: By submitting an entry for the Award, the individual represents that he or she is authorized to do so by his or her institution/ employer.  Additionally, if “non-original” work, text or media of any kind is used, the individual must certify permission has been granted by the authors, creators or publishers of that work and content.   The individual must further certify that his or her work and content, and its submission, is in compliance with all applicable policies and guidelines of the individual’s  institution/employer. Please see the Terms and Conditions for more information.



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