New England Biolabs® and Benchling Collaborate to Simplify Golden Gate Assemblies

Collaboration combines NEB’s scientific expertise with Benchling’s innovative cloud technology to create better tools for researchers

IPSWICH, MA & SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- March 20, 2015 -- New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB®) and Benchling, Inc., today announced a collaboration to simplify the design of cloning experiments that utilize Golden Gate Assembly. Together, the companies are launching a free online tool that will be available both as a part of Benchling’s Molecular Biology app and as the NEB Golden Gate Assembly Tool from New England Biolabs at

“We wanted to develop a tool that helps not just biologists currently working with the Golden Gate Assembly method, but also those who are using conventional cloning methods and looking to make the leap to a more powerful system,” said Sajith Wickramasekara, co-founder and CEO of Benchling. “This is a great example of how Benchling tools can make science more efficient by replacing archaic lab tools and protocols with robust, modern technology.”

“By working with Benchling, we have been able to introduce a tool that will dramatically simplify experimental design for our customers, allowing them to optimize the conditions required for successful Golden Gate Assembly,” said Isaac Meek, Business Development Manager at NEB. “We have been very impressed with the Benchling team and pleased by their ability to quickly develop an advanced solution that will benefit our customers.”

Advances in cloning technologies have focused on the assembly of multiple DNA fragments, which can be made more efficient with techniques such as Golden Gate. Golden Gate is a method that utilizes Type IIS restriction enzymes to allow scientists to assemble up to nine DNA fragments in a single step.

The assembly tool designs the Golden Gate reaction for the user, minimizing the risk of incorrectly designed primers and overlaps. Scientists input the DNA fragments they would like to combine and the tool simulates the reaction, designs the primers and generates the final construct. Users can then adjust the design, export the results and download a protocol.

To access the NEB Golden Gate Assembly Tool please visit More information on products available for Golden Gate Assembly from NEB can be found at

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