Business Development Opportunities

The business development effort at NEB operates on a global basis. With nearly almost 50 years of leadership in the Life Science industry, our scientific expertise and proven record of turning innovative ideas into successful products positions NEB as a compelling partner for commercial organizations and academic institutes alike. We aim to serve through new ventures, partnerships and technology acquisitions and do so by leveraging the talents and assets of NEB, including scientific, commercial and subsidiary resources.

In-Licensing Opportunities

NEB is actively seeking in-licensing opportunities in the following areas:

  • Next generation sequencing and high throughput genomics workflow improvement, including library construction and target enrichment.
  • Molecular biology enzymes including epigenetics, DNA and RNA ligases, polymerases, modifying enzymes, restriction enzymes and related reagents.
  • Novel technologies including enzyme evolution and protein engineering, amplification approaches and buffer systems for protein stabilization and optimization.

Out-Licensing Opportunities

NEB’s growing range of technologies available for out-licensing include a broad range of molecular biology workflows and several protein expression technologies, such as:

  • SHuffle™ – an E. coli expression system optimized for expression of proteins containing disulfide bonds.
  • The Lemo System™ – a highly tunable system that can alleviate inclusion body formation or growth inhibitory effects from toxic proteins.
  • K. lactis Protein Expression Kit for high-yield expression in yeast.
  • pMAL™ Protein Fusion and Purification System for expression of MBP fusion proteins and protein splicing technologies.
  • PURExpress®– a novel cell-free transcription/translation system reconstituted from the purified components necessary for E. coli translation.

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