Humanitarian Duty – 2014 Passion in Science Awards®

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I certainly don't think of myself as a humanitarian. My passion is just a human condition.




Humanitarian… we can change the world in very easy ways...

Is there a way to, to rethink what we're doing…

There's nothing stopping anyone from doing those, you know, small acts of kindness.

All I'm doing is helping put students in a position to succeed.

They are just desperate, I mean they are refugees, and their children and we bring them here… We have to educate them, let them be part of our community…

Passion in sciences, you know, understanding the human condition.

Using scientific knowledge and abilities in order to apply to solving social problems.

Passion and Sciences reuniting families…

My passion in science is getting people involved in stem, based upon their abilities not their disabilities.

Lori Baker,Baylor University,Texas

Peter Hortez,Sabin Vaccine Institute,Texas

Karl Booksh,University of Delaware,Delaware

Paul McDonald,Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute,Virginia


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