Activity of DNA Modifying Enzymes in CutSmart® Buffer

Over 210 restriction enzymes are supplied with a single buffer, CutSmart. A wide selection of DNA modifying enzymes was assayed in CutSmart Buffer, in lieu of its supplied buffer. Functional activity was compared to the activity in its supplied buffer, plus required supplements (supplements are only indicated if they are already included in the original reaction buffer). Reactions were set up according to the recommended reaction conditions, with CutSmart Buffer (and supplement, if required) replacing the supplied buffer.

Enzyme Activity in CutSmart Buffer Required Supplements
Alkaline Phosphatase (CIP) +++  
Antarctic Phosphatase +++  Requires Zn2+
Bst DNA Polymerase +++  
CpG Methyltransferase (M. SssI) +++  
DNA Polymerase I +++  
DNA Polymerase I, Large (Klenow) Fragment
DNA Polymerase Klenow Exo- +++  
DNase I (RNase-free) +++ Requires Ca2+
E. coli DNA Ligase +++ Requires NAD
Endonuclease III (Nth), recombinant +++  
Endonuclease VIII +++  
Exonuclease III +++  
GpC Methyltransferase (M. CviPI) + Requires DTT
Lambda Exonuclease ++   
McrBC +++  
Micrococcal Nuclease ++ Requires Ca2+
phi29 DNA Polymerase +++  
Quick Dephosphorylation Kit +++  
RecJf +++  
rSAP +++  
T3 DNA Ligase +++ Requires ATP + PEG
T4 DNA Ligase +++ Requires ATP
T4 DNA Polymerase +++  
T4 Phage β-glucosyltransferase (T4-BGT) +++  
T4 Polynucleotide Kinase +++ Requires ATP + DTT
T4 PNK (3 ' phosphatase minus) +++ Requires ATP + DTT
T5 Exonuclease  +++  
T7 DNA Ligase +++ Requires ATP + PEG
T7 DNA Polymerase (unmodified) +++  
T7 Exonuclease +++  
USER Enzyme, recombinant

+++ full functional activity
++ 50-100% functional activity
+ 0-50% functional activity