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    The nucleotide sequence files available below are those used to produce the plasmid vector, viral and bacteriophage maps contained in New England Biolabs Catalog as well as the tables containing the locations of sites. Maps and location of sites are PDF files. Sequence files are in FASTA or/and GenBank format. Detailed frequencies with which restriction endonuclease sites occur in commonly used DNA molecules can be found on Frequencies of Restriction Sites.

    DNASU is a central repository for plasmid clones and collections that may also be helpful.

    Vectors Vector Set Nucleotide Sequences Genbank Link Length (bp) Maps (pdf) Sites (pdf)
    Adenovirus-2     GenBank 35937 Map Site
    DHFR Control Template PURExpress  Fasta GenBank 2727    
    FLuc Control Plasmid T7 High Yield
     Fasta GenBank 3925
    Lambda    Fasta GenBank 48502 Map Site
    Lambda_gt11(SacI-KpnI)    Fasta GenBank 1988 Map  
    LITMUS-U USER  Fasta GenBank 2715    
    LITMUS28 LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 2823    
    LITMUS28i LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 2823 Map Site
    LITMUS28i-Mal LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 3593    
    LITMUS29 LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 2820    
    LITMUS38 LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 2814    
    LITMUS38i LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 2814 Map Site
    LITMUS39 LITMUS  Fasta GenBank 2817    
    M13KE PhD  Fasta GenBank 7222 Map Site
    M13KO7    Fasta GenBank 8669    
    M13mp/pUC         Map  
    M13mp18    Fasta GenBank 7249 Map Site
    pACP-ADRβ2 Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6824    
    pACP-GPI Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5238    
    pACP-tag(m) Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5088    
    pACP-tag(m)-2 Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5543    
    pACYC177    Fasta GenBank 3941 Map Site
    pACYC184    Fasta GenBank 4245 Map Site
    pBeloBAC11    Fasta GenBank 7507 Map Site
    pBR322    Fasta GenBank 4361 Map Site
    pCLIP-H2B Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6183    
    pCLIP-NK1R Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 7128    
    pCLIP-tag(m) Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5805    
    pCLIPf Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5862    
    pCLIPf-Cox8A Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6077    
    pCLIPf-H2B Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6249    
    pCLIPf-NK1R Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 7128    
    pCLuc Mini-TK 2 Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 6131    
    pCLuc-Basic 2 Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 6061    
    pCMV-CLuc 2 Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 6905    
    pCLuc-SP6    Fasta GenBank  6902    
    pCMV-GLuc Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 5764 Map  
    pCMV-GLuc 2 Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 5764 Map  
    pCYB1 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 6846    
    pCYB2 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 6843    
    pCYB3 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 6846    
    pCYB4 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 6843    
    pET11c pET  Fasta GenBank 5672 Map Site
    pFOS1    Fasta GenBank 9738 Map Site
    pGLuc Mini-TK Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 4990 Map  
    pGLuc Mini-TK 2 Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 5028 Map  
    pGLuc-Basic Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 4920 Map Site
    pGLuc-Basic 2 Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 4958 Map
    pGPS1.1 GPS  Fasta GenBank 4814 Map  
    pGPS2.1 GPS  Fasta GenBank 4490 Map  
    pGPS3 GPS  Fasta GenBank 4293 Map Site
    pGPS4 GPS  Fasta GenBank 3899 Map  
    pGPS5 GPS  Fasta GenBank 4223 Map  
    pGT-N28 pGT  Fasta GenBank 4665    
    pGT-N29 pGT  Fasta GenBank 4662    
    pGT-N38 pGT  Fasta GenBank 4656    
    pGT-N39 pGT  Fasta GenBank 4647    
    phiX174     GenBank 5386 Map Site
    pKLAC-malE Yeast  Fasta GenBank 10153    
    pKLAC1 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 9091 Map Site
    pKLAC1-GLuc Yeast  Fasta GenBank 9589 Map  
    pKLAC2 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 9107 Map  
    pKLMF-EK Yeast  Fasta GenBank 9991 Map  
    pKLMF-FX Yeast  Fasta GenBank 9988 Map  
    pKYB1 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 8393    
    pMAL-c pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6146    
    pMAL-c2 pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6644    
    pMAL-c2E pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6649    
    pMAL-c2G pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6649    
    pMAL-c2X pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6646    
    pMAL-c4E pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6648    
    pMAL-c4G pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6648    
    pMAL-c4X pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6645    
    pMAL-c5E pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5680    
    pMAL-c5G pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5680    
    pMAL-c5X pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5677    
    pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5695    
    pMAL-cRI pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6131    
    pMAL-p pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6221    
    pMAL-p2 pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6719    
    pMAL-p2E pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6724    
    pMAL-p2G pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6724    
    pMAL-p2X pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6721 Map  
    pMAL-p4E pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6723    
    pMAL-p4G pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6723    
    pMAL-p4X pMAL  Fasta GenBank 6720 Map Site
    pMAL-p5E pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5755 Map  
    pMAL-p5G pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5755 Map  
    pMAL-p5X pMAL  Fasta GenBank 5752 Map  
    pMAL-pIII PhD  Fasta GenBank 6706 Map Site
    pMCP-GPI Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5238    
    pMCP-tag(m) Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5088    
    pMiniT PCR Cloning Kit  Fasta   2525 Map  
    pMiniT2.0 PCR Cloning Kit
     Fasta GenBank 2588 Map  
    pMXB10 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7813 Map  
    pMYB5 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 8602    
    pNEB193    Fasta GenBank 2713 Map Site
    pNEB205a USER  Fasta GenBank 2710 Map  
    pNEB206a USER  Fasta GenBank 2722 Map Site
    pNEBR-R1 RheoSwitch  Fasta GenBank 10338    
    pNEBR-R1Puro RheoSwitch  Fasta GenBank 9337    
    pNEBR-X1 RheoSwitch  Fasta GenBank 4287 Map  
    pNEBR-X1GLuc RheoSwitch  Fasta GenBank 4821 Map  
    pNEBR-X1Hygro RheoSwitch  Fasta GenBank 6286 Map Site
    pRS413 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 4970 Map Site
    pRS414 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 4788 Map  
    pRS415 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 6021 Map  
    pRS416 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 4891 Map  
    pSNAP-ADRB2 Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 7122    
    pSNAP-CaaX Control Plasmid Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5418 Map  
    pSNAP-Cox8A Control Plasmid Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6015 Map  
    pSNAP-H2B Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6183    
    pSNAP-tag(m) Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5802 Map  
    pSNAP-tag(m)2 Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5849    
    pSNAP-tag(T7) Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 3725    
    pSNAP-tag(T7)2 Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6495    
    pSNApf Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 5849    
    pSNAPf-ADRβ2 Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 7164    
    pSNAPf-Cox8A Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6064    
    pSNAPf-H2B Cellular Imaging  Fasta GenBank 6236    
    pSV40-CLuc Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 5256    
    pSV40-GLuc Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 4178 Map  
    pTK-CLuc Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 7000    
    pTK-GLuc Luciferase  Fasta GenBank 5897 Map  
    pTWIN-MBP1 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 8515    
    pTWIN1 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7375 Map Site
    pTWIN2 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7192    
    pTXB1 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 6706 Map Site
    pTXB3 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 6906 Map  
    pTYB1 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7477 Map Site
    pTYB11 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7412 Map Site
    pTYB12 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7415 Map  
    pTYB2 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7474 Map  
    pTYB21 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7514 Map  
    pTYB22 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7511 Map  
    pTYB3 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7477 Map  
    pTYB4 IMPACT  Fasta GenBank 7474 Map  
    pUC19    Fasta GenBank 2686 Map Site
    PURExpress Univ Primer PURExpress  Fasta GenBank 85    
    SV40     GenBank 5243 Map Site
    T7     GenBank 39937 Map Site
    YEp24 Yeast  Fasta GenBank 7769 Map Site