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    • Isothermal Amplification Trifold

      Explore the possibilities of isothermal amplification with NEB's enzymes for LAMP, RT-LAMP, and POC diagnostics.
    • Glycosylation Poster

      Get an overview of glycobiology (both O- and N-glycan modifications), in a variety of species, with our detailed protein glycosylation poster.
    • Rapid PNGase F Trifold

      Learn how Rapid PNGase F can speed up your antibody deglycosylation step and make your therapeutic proteins faster and more efficiently than ever before.
    • The NEBNext Sample Preparation Workflow Poster

      The NEBNext Sample Preparation Workflow Overviews & Products poster gives you at-a-glance workflow details for our DNA & RNA library prep products for Illumina & Ion Torrent, as well as our latest featured products.
    • Genome Editing Brochure

      Learn more about NEB's complete solution for your genome editing needs, starting with our new Cas9 Nuclease (S. pyogenes) for CRISPR studies.
    • NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Bifold

      Discover the next generation of gene assembly & cloning, and learn which advantages NEBuilder HiFi delivers over other gene assembly methods.
    • Synthetic Biology

      Synthetic biology applies the framework of engineering and circuit theory to biological questions. Learn which products and protocols you'll need to get started.
    • History of Cloning Poster

      The History of Cloning poster presents some of the major milestones of molecular cloning technologies, in a fun format for your laboratory or classroom.
    • RNA Brochure

      Learn more about NEB's products for RNA, which range from template generation to poly(A) tailing.
    • Catalog & Technical Reference

      The NEB Catalog and Technical Reference provides Information on new products and up-to-date technical charts, protocols and troubleshooting tips to aid experimental design.

    • Q5® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase Trifold

      Learn about the benefits of using Q5 High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase, and see how it compares of other commercially available polymerases.
    • Molecular Cloning Technical Guide

      Download the latest Molecular Cloning Technical Guide for help with product selection, protocols, tips for optimization and trouble-shooting.
    • Reagents & Tools for Molecular Cloning brochure

      Learn about recommended products for cloning in our Reagents and Tools for Molecular Cloning Brochure.
    • NEBNext® for Illumina® Brochure

      The NEBNext Brochure for Illumina provides an overview of library preparation for DNA, ChIP-Seq, RNA and Small RNA for the Illumina platform, as well as tech tips and select peer-reviewed citations.
    • NEBNext for Ion Torrent™ Brochure

      The NEBNext Brochure for Ion Torrent provides an overview of library preparation for DNA for the Ion Torrent platform, as well as useful technical tips.
    • Activity/Performance Chart for NEB Restriction Enzymes

      The Activity/Performance Chart for NEB Restriction Enzymes provides information on the optimal (supplied) NEBuffer and approximate activity in the four standard NEBuffers and NEBuffer EcoRI for each enzyme, and can be used to help select the best conditions for double digests.

    • Latest NEB Expressions

      The NEB Expressions newsletter contains a feature articles, new product information, technical tips, special offers and much more.
      Looking for previous issues? View the NEB Expressions Archive
    • CutSmart™ Trifold

      The CutSmart™ Trifold provides information about the benefits of using CutSmart Buffer with NEB restriction enzymes.

    • Cellular Imaging & Analysis Brochure

      The Cellular Imaging and Analysis brochure provides information on the labeling technologies offered by NEB for studying the function and localization of proteins in cells.

    • Competent Cells Brochure

      The Competent Cells brochure provides information on the different competent cell strains for cloning and protein expression available from NEB.

    • DNA Ligase Trifold

      The DNA Ligase Trifold provides information about the extensive selection of DNA ligases and ligases master mixes available from NEB.

    • PCR Brochure

      The PCR brochure provides product information on the wide range of DNA polymerases available from NEB, including tools for selection and troubleshooting tips.

    • Protein Expression & Purification Brochure

      The Protein Expression and Purification brochure provides information on the advanced tools for protein expression and purification offered by NEB.

    • Restriction Endonucleases Technical Guide

      The Restriction Enzyme Technical Guide provides product information and technical reference charts on the wide range of restriction enzymes available from NEB.

    • Glycoproteomics Brochure

      The Glycoproteomics brochure provides information on the suite of endo- and exoglycosidases, and deglycosylation enzymes offered by NEB.

    • HF Restriction Enzymes Brochure

      Learn about the advantages of using High Fidelity (HF™) Restriction Enzymes offered by NEB.

    • Epigenetics Brochure

      The Epigenetics brochure provides information on these unique solutions to study DNA and histone modifications. NEB offers a suite of validated products for epigenetics research.