We believe that basic research and the cultivation of scientific knowledge is critical for us to stay connected with our customers and to drive scientific breakthroughs. At NEB, over 30 labs participate in research projects, which are aided by post-doctoral fellows and students in Masters and Ph.D. programs. NEB researchers have authored or co-authored over 1,200 publications (as of 1/19) many of which are in peer-reviewed journals. Further, NEB products have been used successfully in numerous publications by scientists throughout the world.

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Year Title Journal Authors Application(s)
2021 Complete genome sequence of an extremely halophilic archaeon from Great Salt Lake, Halobacterium sp. GSL-19 Microbiol Resour Announc DasSarma, P., Anton, B., von Ehrenheim, H., Roberts, R.J., DasSarma, S.
2021 Detection of TET-oxidized 5-Methylcytosine bases by capillary gel electrophoresis Methods Mol Biol Vaisvila, R., Hunault, L., Saleh, L.
2021 Shotgun transcriptome, spatial omics, and isothermal profiling of SARS-CoV-2 infection reveals unique host responses, viral diversification, and drug interactions. Nat Commun Butler, D., Mozsary, C., Meydan, C., Foox, J., Rosiene, J., Shaiber, A., Danko, D., Afshinnekoo, E., MacKay, M., Sedlazeck, F.J. e al.
2021 A useful epitope tag derived from maltose binding protein. Protein Sci Lénon, M., Ke, N., Ren, G., Meuser, M.E., Loll, P.J., Riggs, P., Berkmen, M.
2021 Structural and functional diversity among Type III restriction-modification systems that confer host DNA protection via methylation of the N4 atom of cytosine PLoS One Murray, I.A., Luyten, Y.A., Fomenkov, A., Dai, N., Corrêa, I.R., Jr., Farmerie, W.G., Clark, T.A., Korlach, J., Morgan, R.D., Roberts, R.J.
2021 Nondestructive enzymatic deamination enables single-molecule long-read amplicon sequencing for the determination of 5-methylcytosine and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine at single-base resolution Genome Res Sun, Z., Vaisvila, R., Hussong, L.M., Yan, B., Baum, C., Saleh, L., Samaranayake, M., Guan, S., Dai, N., Correa, I.R., Jr., Pradhan, S., Davis, T.B, Evans, T.C., Jr., Ettwiller, L.M.
2021 Phage-encoded ten-eleven translocation dioxygenase (TET) is active in C5-cytosine hypermodification in DNA. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A Burke, E.J., Rodda, S.S., Lund, S.R., Sun, Z., Zeroka, M.R., O'Toole, K.H., Parker, M.J., Doshi, D.S., Guan, C., Lee-Y.-J., Dai, N., Hough, D.M., Shnider, D.A., Corrêa, I.R., Jr., Weigele, P.R., Saleh, L.
2021 Production and characterization of the exopolysaccharide from novel strain Paenibacillus polymyxa 2020 PLoS One Liyaskina, E., Rakova, N.A., Kitykina, A.A., Rusyaeva, V.V., Toukach, P.V., Fomenkov, A., Vainauskas, S., Roberts, R.J., Revin, V.V.
2021 Profiling Thermus thermophilus argonaute guide DNA sequence preferences by functional screening Front Mol Biosci Hunt, E.A., Tamanaha, E., Bonanno, K., Cantor, E.J., Tanner, N.A.
2021 Evaluation of efficacy-versus affinity-driven agonism with biased GLP-1R ligands P5 and exendin-F1 Biochem Pharmacol Marzook, A., Chen, S., Pickford, P., Lucey, M., Wang, Y., Corrê​a, I.R., Jr., Broichhagen, J., Hodson, D.J., Salem, V., Rutter, G.A., Tan, T.M., Bloom, S.R., Tomas, A., Jones, B.