Thank you for your Educational Course Support inquiry

Thank you for your “NEB Course Support“ inquiry. New England Biolabs is committed to supporting science and science education. We are pleased to be able to provide reagents for education, with a primary emphasis on programs that introduce students to concepts in molecular biology.

In an effort to provide support for the broadest array of educators, we have prepared a standard list of reagents that can be requested from NEB for use in laboratory classes. To initiate your request, please download and complete the Course Support Order Form and email it back to us. In order for consideration, your request must be accompanied by a class syllabus or a copy of your protocol noting where each requested reagent will be used.

We kindly ask that you please be realistic in the quantities requested so that this program can be broadly used, especially in institutions that would not otherwise be able to provide this instruction. NEB reserves the right to limit which reagents, and in what quantities, will be sent.

We wish you success in your course.