FAQ: What types of competent cells are compatible with this kit?

The following competent E. coli cells have been shown to work with this kit:
NEB #C2987, NEB 5-alpha (High Efficiency) (standard recommendation)
NEB #C2992, NEB 5-alpha F´Iq (High Efficiency)
NEB #C3019, NEB 10-beta (High Efficiency)
NEB #C2984, NEB Turbo
NEB #C2566, T7 Express
NEB #C3029, Shuffle® T7

For convenience, we offer a version of the Q5 Site Directed Mutagenesis Kit prepackaged with C2987 NEB 5-alpha Competent E. coli (High Efficiency) cells in product number E0554 .

Other chemically competent E. coli strains suitable for cloning can be substituted. Results will vary according to the quality and efficiency of the cells.

Electrocompetent cells are not compatible with this kit unless a spin column purification step (exchanging the buffer with water) is added prior to transformation.