Which NEBNEXT® Product Format Should I Choose?

Not sure how sets and kits differ from modules? Ping explains the difference, and helps you to decide which one is right for you.


Pingfang Liu,:

The NEBNext product line is launched, and choosing the right kit can be a little bit confusing. The NEBNext kits are available for several different sequencing platform and the sample types, as well as a variety of different formats.

Not sure which format to choose? We are here to help you to figure out which format will work best for you. Kits and the Sets are you most convenient option, as they include reagents for the entire library preparation workflow.

Most NEBNext Kits and Sets include master mix reagents that minimize the number of components and pipetting steps. However some sets, which we call Reagent Sets, contain individual enzyme and buffer components. A Reagent Set can enable detailed workflow customization.

Choose NEBNext modules when you are looking for flexibility, as modules contain reagents for individual steps in the library preparation workflow. You can combine a series of NEBNext modules to cover your entire library prep workflow, or combine a subset of NEBNext modules with other reagent to enable a customized workflow for your specific needs.

You can use the NEBNext selection chart to help with choosing the correct product.

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