Tips for Bead-based Clean ups and Size Selection

Using beads to clean up your DNA prior to NGS library prep can be quick and easy, if you follow these few, simple tips.


Here are some tips if you are using bead-based cleanups and size selection. Be sure to let your beads fully pellet next to the magnet. This should take a couple of minutes as shown int his time lapse video. Be careful when transferring material, not to disturb the beat pellet. Beads tend to settle out quickly. Be sure to vortex the beads just before use. They should be a uniform suspension.

Do not over dry the beads. This can make re-suspension difficult and reduce yield. When washing the beads, plan ahead and choose the correct sized vial. Our 0.5 ml vial may be too small.

So next time you're performing a bead-based cleanup, keep these important tips in mind. For more information, visit our website at

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