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Hear more about what the iGEM competition is all about from an NEB scientist.


iGEM, which stands for international genetically engineered machines, is an international competition where undergrads from all over the world come together to compete in a genetic competition, where they make a standardized piece of DNA, recombine them in any way, put it in to a molecular machine, such as a bacteria to do their bidding.

You can think of it as these LEGO pieces. Here their gene of interest, either in yellow or in white, is flanked by a standardized piece of DNA in red. This allows them to take off any piece of DNA and put it in to another piece of DNA. It's kind of like the bumps and the holes of a LEGO where you can easily detach and attach anything you want. This allows them to run with their imagination. It's unhinged from the constraints of academia or industry. It's kind of like the Burning Man of molecular biology.

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