Inspiration in Science

Hear from our 2014 Inspiration in Science Award winners about what passion in science means to them.


I am a teacher, I'm a researcher, I am somebody who loves what they do…

I'm a Passion in Science Award winner…

This concept that only a few people can do science, only a few people understand science, it's just lunacy!

Inspiration. Our lab is doing something that other people really hadn't thought of.

Passion. You do things because you're passionate about it, not because we want somebody to validate you…

Passion. It's, it's the passionate people who achieve things, who make new discoveries…

Inspiration. It felt interesting to be nominated, I have to admit I, I walked into the lab I was: “Who did this? Who put this in?”


Passion and science is a teaching open lab space…

Is helping to unlock the mysteries of autism.

It’s increasing the quality of life for patients with cystic fibrosis.

Playing biology with high school students.

Passion science is fighting lung cancer.

New England Biolabs Passion in Science 2014 Award Winners:

Laurie Doering, McMaster University, Canada

Jason Furrer, University of Missouri, MO

Ita Laird-Offringa, University of Southern California, CA

Kalai Mathee, Florida International University, FL

Whitney Hagins, Massachusetts Biotechnology Education, MA

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