Arts and Creativity

Learn more about the intersection between art and science from our 2014 Arts and Creativity Award winners


As soon as she worked out this little thing here was what was causing her to have smear tests and directly affecting her life, she got it.

Arts and creativity.

There's emotion in both, right? There is emotion science,there is emotion in art and they should, inherently, kind of intertwine.

Art has the power to sort of level the playing field and making things just very visually easy to understand.

It kind of just grabs them in a way that maybe a textbook or, or something can’t.

I always see Arts and Sciences being two sides of the same coin…

I consider myself an artistic person, a creative person and also a scientist. We're excited, why not bring that out and get other people excited about our research at the same time.

Because there's so much more to discover…

Passion in Science is an exploration of the unknown.

Passion in Science it's being playful.

Passion in science is what gives purpose to my life, it's everything.

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