Competent E. coli Genome Sequences Tool

Complete genome sequences of most E. coli competent cell strains sold by NEB are now available in GenBank at NCBI using the accession numbers below.  Some strains have associated episomes, which have separate accession numbers.  By default, NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) may not display the entire record.  In this case, go to the “Customize view” bar on the NCBI page to open the drop-down menu, then click “Customize” and select the desired options.  A separate toggle on the upper left of the NCBI page will switch to FASTA format.  Consult the NCBI website for additional options.

Strain Name Catalog No. Genome Accession Episome Accession  Episome
Cloning Strains
NEB® 5-alpha C2987 CP017100 n/a
NEB 5-alpha F'Iq C2992 CP053607 CP053608 F’ (lacIq)
NEB 10-beta C3019 CP053604 n/a
NEB Turbo C2984 CP053605 CP053606 F’ (lacIq)
dam-/dcm- C2925 CP053603 n/a
Protein Expression Strains
SHuffle® T7 C3026 CP014272 CP014273 F’ (lacIq)
SHuffle T7 Express C3029 CP014269 n/a
BL21(DE3) C2527 CP053602 n/a
BL21 C2530 CP053601 n/a
NiCo21(DE3) C2529 CP053600 n/a
NEBExpress® C2523 CP053599 n/a
NEBExpress Iq C3037 CP053592 CP053593 MiniF_lacIq
T7 Express C2566 CP014268 n/a
T7 Express lysY C3010 CP053597 CP053598 MiniF_lysY
T7 Express lysY Iq C3013 CP053595 CP053596 MiniF_lysY/lacIq
T7 Express Crystal (discontinued) C3022 CP053594 n/a