NEBNext Quick Ligation Module Protocol (E6056)


  1. Mix the following components in a sterile microfuge tube:
    End Repaired, Blunt or dA-Tailed DNA variable
    NEBNext Quick Ligation Reaction Buffer (5X) 10 μl
    10 µM DNA Adaptors (not provided please use adaptors appropriate to specific application) variable
    Quick T4 DNA Ligase 5 μl
    Sterile H2O variable
    Total volume 50 μl
  2. Incubate in a thermocycler for 15 minutes at 20°C with heated lid set to 30°C (or off).
  3. Purify DNA sample using AMPure® XP or SPRIselect® beads.

NOTE: For details on how this module is used in the NEBNext® Library Prep for Illumina® workflow, please see the manual NEBNext® DNA Library Prep Master Mix Set for Illumina® (NEB #E6040).