NEBNext Quick DNA Sample Prep Master Mix Set for 454 End Repair and dA-Tailing (E6090)


  1. Starting Material: 0.5 μg of DNA Fragmented to 100–1000 bp in 16 μl of TE.

    In a 1.7 ml micro-centrifuge tube add:
    End Prep Enzyme Mix 1.0 μl
    End Repair Reaction Buffer (10X) 2.5 μl
    Nuclease -free Water 5.5 μl
    Total 9.0 μl

  2. Mix by pipetting and add to the 16 μl fragmented DNA sample.

  3. Vortex briefly to mix, followed by a quick spin to collect all liquid from the sides of the tube.

  4. In a thermocycler, with the heated lid on, run the following program: 
    20 minutes @ 25°C 
    20 minutes @ 72°C 
    Hold at 4°C