Nucleoside Digestion Mix

We have used the Nucleoside Digestion Mix for every single analysis of analog incorporation into RNA. The reagents and protocol provide easy, quick and highly reproducible results to analyze nucleoside mixtures that begin with total RNA from cells.

– R.C.S.,
Ph.D., Assistant Professor
University of California, Irvine

This digestion mix has transformed our mass spec experiments.

– P.H.,
Group Leader, MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences (LMS); Professor
Imperial College London

The Nucleoside Digestion Mix significantly simplified our sample preparation protocol and provided us with reproducible results across varying sources of DNA.

– M.W.,
MIT Lincoln Laboratory

I am very happy with the NEB Nucleoside Digestion Mix. Not only does it provide greater levels of digestion, but it allows me to degrade both DNA and RNA simultaneously.

– J.D.,
Ph.D. Candidate, Kohli Lab,
University of Pennsylvania

– R.K.,
MD/PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry & Biophysics,
University of Pennsylvania

We have used the digestion mix with a wide variety of different nucleotide analogs in both DNA and RNA and found it to work great. It has allowed us to develop new and powerful analytical tools that we now use as part of our continuing effort to optimize our semi-synthetic organisms with expanded genetic alphabets.

– F.R.,
Ph.D., Professor at the Department of Chemistry,
The Scripps Research Institute

This digestion mix was instrumental in getting reliable high quality mass spec data for our DNA modifications.

– A.R.,
Ph.D., Associate Professor in Stem Cell Biology,
University of Nottingham, UK

The Nucleoside Digestion Mix has facilitated sensitive mass spec detection of epigenetic marks in the nucleic acids of various invertebrates we study.

– A.A.,
Ph.D., Professor of Comparative and Functional Genomics,
University of Oxford, UK

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Nucleoside Digestion Mix
The Nucleoside Digestion Mix is an optimized mixture of enzymes that provides a convenient one-step method to generate single nucleosides from DNA or RNA for quantitative analysis by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS).