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More examples of how the building was designed to optimize energy usage: 

  • A lighting control system that shuts off lighting when building is unoccupied 
  • A heat recovery system, in which the heat that is exhausted from the building is recycled to help heating incoming fresh air 
  • Chillers that use Free Cooling when outside temperature is below 50°F, which allows chillers to shut off and still keep the building cool
  • High efficiency motors and lights, with motor drives that reduce the speed of motors when maximum flow is not needed 

Examples of environmentally sound choices of building materials and resources: 

  • 100% of the total roofing is energy star compliant 
  • 7% of the building is composed of recycled material
  • Low VOC paints, carpets and adhesives are used inside the facility 
  • 30% of the construction materials used in the new facility originated within 500 miles of the site 

Examples of conservation through building design at NEB:

  • NEB is a CFC-free building 
  • NEB has reduced its water usage by 50%, even though the new laboratory is 3X the square footage 
  • The NEB facility was designed to conserve the property’s trees and land, and exceeds open space requirements by 54% 
  • 78% of construction waste was diverted from landfill 

Most prominent in our conservation efforts is our state-of-the-art Solar Aquatics System®. This modular system uses plants to treat the campus’ wastewater making it clean enough for reuse or for ground water recharge. This wastewater treatment plant has the ability to treat up to 27,500 gallons per day.

  • NEB Environmental, Health and Safety Policy

    New England BioLabs, Inc. (NEB) is committed to promoting and practicing environmental sustainability and ensuring the health and safety of our employees and contractors.

    NEB's commitment is guided by the following principles: 


    Foster awareness amongst employees and contractors to:
    • Minimize the impact of business processes and practices on the environment through preservation, prevention and recycling
    • Reduce health and safety risks to employees and contractors by identifying potential hazards, conducting risk assessments and implementing appropriate controls

    Communication and Training 

    Establish effective communication and training to:
    • Encourage employees and contractors to be mindful of their responsibility to the environment
    • Prevent injury or harm to employees and contractors
    • Ensure employees and contractors are knowledgeable of environmental, health and safety requirements and processes


    Develop systems, processes and mechanisms to:
    • Meet all applicable local, state, and federal legal requirements
    • Meet the highest standards of compliance for our business
    • Meet internal requirements pertaining to environmental aspects and health and safety hazards
    • Monitor and track compliance performance

    Continual Improvement 

    Achieve environmental, health and safety improvements by:
    • Recognizing and responding to opportunities for positive change
    • Establishing and implementing programs to achieve objectives and targets
    • Encouraging employee participation and accountability
    This policy statement is approved by NEB and is communicated to all employees, contractors and other relevant parties. This policy statement is used as the basis for setting and reviewing environmental, health and safety objectives.