Our Business Processes

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Examples of processes that have been adopted at NEB: 

  • NEB utilizes a 100% recyclable shipping box for cold chain shipping, and offers carbon neutral shipments.
  • The NEB food service purchases local produce whenever possible. Composting in the NEB cafe diverts as much as 75% of the cafe waste away from landfills
  • The janitorial staff uses environmentally friendly cleaning reagents 
  • In the warm-weather months, employees can take advantage of a farm stand brought to the NEB campus, offering organically grown produce
  • Employees are able to purchase reusable market bags produced from recycled plastic 
  • NEB has partnered with MassRIDES to help employees search for alternative ways to get to work 
  • Premier parking for employees who carpool, as well as safe storage for bicycles are available
  • Employees can also take advantage of a “community service day”, which allows them the opportunity to volunteer for the organization of their choice without having to use personal time 
  • Outside speakers are often invited to educate employees on conservation methods