TIME-SAVER Protocol for Restriction Enzyme Digests

Need a protocol to digest quickly and completely? Try this protocol for Time-Saver™ qualified enzymes from NEB.


Jenna Ware:

Over 180 of our restriction enzymes are time saver qualified. This means that they'll cut your substrate DNA in five to 15 minutes. But if you end up going overnight that's okay too, because our time-saver qualified enzymes show no degradation after an overnight reaction. Recommended protocol would be a microgram of DNA, a microliter of your restriction enzyme, five microliters of our 10x buffer, and up to 50 microliters of water. Digest for five to 15 minutes, add your loading dye and load your gel. Make sure when you're doing the reaction to keep your samples on ice, if they're not in the freezer. Make sure to mix well, piping up and down. Flick the tube maybe, and spin down. If you have questions or any problems please feel free to contact us on our website or through our tech support line. We're here to help.

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