Tilde Carlow, Genome Biology Research at NEB®

In this video, Tilde Carlow describes the aims and interests of the Genome Biology Research Division at NEB.


Hi, my name is Tilde Carlow and I am the Scientific Director of the Genome Biology Division at NEB.

So, why Genome Biology?  Genome Biology is life studied from a genomic perspective. We can actually learn a lot about an organism from its genome, its biology and its health, and genome biology is actually revolutionizing how we do science today and it’s one of the fastest growing sciences.

At the Genome Biology program at NEB, our goals are to enhance knowledge, drive innovation and influence change. We work on several areas of interest to NEB and these include: Restriction Modification, Epigenetics, Computational Biology, developing new Next Gen. Sequencing technologies, and human health.

In human health, we focus on areas such as cancer, the human microbiome and neglected tropical diseases. One of the strengths of the division is that we tackle our research from different scales. This includes: working on detailed mechanistic studies (biochemistry, structural biology), as well as genome-wide studies looking at genomics and transcriptomics, as well as developing enabling sequencing technologies.

We publish our research in scientific journals. In the past year, we have 40 papers. We are also highly collaborative working with close to 200 laboratories worldwide.

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