Nucleoside Digestion Mix Protocol

In this video, learn how to generate single nucleosides from DNA or RNA for downstream analysis using the Nucleoside Digestion Mix.


 Setting up a digestion reaction is simple using the Nucleoside Digestion Mix! 

Your substrate can be double stranded DNA, single stranded DNA or RNA. Incubate up to 1 µg of your DNA or RNA substrate, 1X Nucleoside Digestion Mix Buffer and 1 µl of the Nucleoside Digestion Mix for 1 hour at 37°C. 

During digestion, nuclease activities in the mix will digest the DNA or RNA into individual nucleotides. Next, a phosphatase activity removes the 5´phosphate to generate nucleosides.
After the 1 hour incubation, the digested sample is now ready for LC-MS analysis. No further purification or cleanup is necessary. 

With the Nucleoside Digestion Mix, you can purchase one product to digest DNA or RNA, save time with a simple, one-step protocol, improve signal-to-noise ratio with the low glycerol formulation and use for up to 2 years if stored correctly. 

Here’s what some of our customers are saying about Nucleoside Digestion Mix: 

"I am very happy with the NEB Nucleoside Digestion Mix. Not only does it provide greater levels of digestion, but it allows me to degrade both DNA and RNA simultaneously."
 – R.K., Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania. 

"The Nucleoside Digestion Mix significantly simplified our sample preparation protocol and provided us with reproducible results across varying sources of DNA."
- M.W., Bioengineer, MIT Lincoln Laboratory 

Publications using the Nucleoside Digestion Mix: Malyshev, D.A., et al. (2014) Nature, 509, 385-388, Hashimoto, H., et al. (2014) Nature, 506, 391-395. 

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