NEBNEXT® for Core Lab Facilities

Are you running a core sequencing facility? Watch as Eileen shares a few reasons that NEBNext products are particularly well suited to sequencing core labs.


Eileen Dimalanta, Ph.D.:

From working closely with Sequencing Core Lab scientists, as well as, our own experiences with the NGS Core Lab here, at NEB (New England Biolabs). We know that running a Core Lab can place unique demands on library construction reagents. The NEBNext product line has been developed with that in mind and includes a number of benefits for Sequencing Core Labs. We know that delays in receiving reagents can severely impact daily operations. Since all NEB products are shipped for next-day delivery, you will receive your products when you need them.

We also know that you need to provide cost competitive services. We can help on that front by providing robust reagents at value pricing. This all helps with your bottom line. NEBNext reagents are available in several formats, including kits and modules. Kits provide reagents for entire workflows and modules provide reagents for specific parts in the workflow. You can use the same module when doing different workflows, such as DNA, or RNA, library construction. When you don't need a different kit for different sample types, inventory management and quality control become a lot easier.

We supply highly pure and sequence validated adapters and primers, and have a large number of indexes available. We supply these oligos separately from our kits, so you aren't forced to buy unnecessary components, and can choose the exact oligos that you need. These are available in vial or 96-well plate format.

Not everyone uses standard library construction workflows. In addition to the NEBNext modules, further customization is possible with separate buffer packs and other kit components, sold separately. We have also developed the NEBNext products with automation in mind. With the limited number of components, reasonable pipetting volumes and sufficient overfill volumes, our products are easily compatible with automation.

The NEBNext kits are designed to perform with a broad range of input amounts and quality. For example, you can use the same kit for picograms or a microgram of human DNA, and for DNA that is of high quality, or FFPE DNA. We know that are some sample types that you just don't work with that often, for example, ChIP DNA, or small RNA. The long shelf life of the NEBNext products and the broad range of kit sizes means that you can order your kits ahead of time and not have to worry about wasting reagents.

In addition to the extensive QCs that we do for every component of the NEBNext kits, we also make and sequence libraries every time we change the lot of one of the components. This gives you extra assurance that our kits provide you with the superior performance that you expect.

You can use our online selection tool to easily find the products that best suit your sample prep needs.

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