Introducing the NEB® ClimaCell® Cooler

Learn more about our new 100% recyclable solution for cold chain shipping of your NEB products.


New England Biolabs has always placed stewardship of the environment as one of our highest priorities. We are thrilled to introduce a 100% recyclable alternative to expanded polystyrene shipping. This new shipper maintains the same cold chain temperature requirements as styrofoam, which is critical for maintaining product integrity. It also supports our goal of minimizing our impact on the environment. To implement this, we've partnered with a company called TemperPack, who focus on providing sustainable solutions for cold chain shipping.

James McGoff:
We solve the world's packaging problems through sustainable design, and the reason that we got started with this is we saw the rise of eCommerce, and we knew that the amount of packaging around the country was just going to increase. And that's okay for things like t-shirts or cell phones, but when it comes to perishable items, there weren't a lot of materials out there other than styrofoam.

James McGoff:
There's got to be a better way to come up with a material that's bio-based, that has a good end of life, that can be substituted in for these outdated materials. Cold chain shipping is extremely complex. It's basically a balancing act between three things. You want to make sure that the product gets there safely at the right temperature. You also want to make sure that it is affordable to your company. And then third, which is really new on the scene but very important to a rising amount of companies, is that you want to make sure you're doing that in a very environmentally friendly way.

James McGoff:
We really excited to work with New England Biolabs because our entire team sees them as the Whole Foods of procuring materials when it comes to research. So we know that they had a mission that was centered around sustainability, and they wanted that to extend all the way down to the packaging. So it was a great opportunity to partner with them.

Michael Scipione:
The ClimaCell liner is designed specifically for thermal protection. It is designed with thousands of tiny air pockets throughout the material designed to trap air and prevent heat from moving into the package. It is semi-rigid, weight-bearing, and has 90 degree hinges, all for easy assembly. The inside of the liner is made primarily of starch and paper, and it is encapsulated in a kraft paper to provide additional moisture protection during shipment.

James McGoff:
And at the end of life, it's the only solution that's certified curbside recyclable. So the end user can then put it into the blue bin with the rest of their cardboard and it will get recycled.

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