Genes in Space winner Liza Reizis

2017 Genes in Space Winner Liza Reizis designed an experiment to study the immune system of astronauts to better understand why they are more likely to get sick.


This High School student's out of this world idea is now being studied in space!

My name is Liza Reizis and I am one of the 2017 Genes in Space winners.

She's looking at the immune systems of astronauts on the International Space Station to see why they are more likely to get sick.

My experiment focuses on the immunodeficiencies that astronauts are experiencing during and after space flight. I aim to measure the immunodeficiencies by measuring the rate of T cells development in astronauts over a prolonged period of time in space. Specifically, the number of new T cells in the blood stream.

The advice that helped her the most was "think outside of the box".

Really understanding that you can make something completely new and you don’t have to be constrained by anything that has already been done on Earth because, it’s in space, it’s something completely new.

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