One-Step tHDA (thermostable HDA)


  1. Set up a 50 μl reaction in a 0.2 ml or a 0.5 ml micro centrifuge tube in a sterile hood or a PCR Workstation.

    H2O X μl
    10X Annealing buffer II 5 μl
    MgSO4 (100 mM)* 2 μl
    NaCl (500 mM)* 4 μl
    IsoAmp® dNTP Solution 3.5 μl
    DNA template X μl
    Forward Primer (5 μM)* 0.75 μl
    Reverse Primer (5 μM)* 0.75 μl
    IsoAmp® Enzyme Mix 3.5 μl
    Total volume 50 μl
  2. Mix the reaction by brief vortexing or by pipetting followed by brief centrifugation. Overlay the reaction mixture with 50 μl mineral oil. Place the tubes on ice.
  3. Incubate at 65ºC for 90 minutes using a thermocycler, a water bath or an incubator.
  4. Load 10 μl of the tHDA product on a 2% agarose gel.

    * The condition of tHDA reactions can be further optimized by titering the following components:

    Components Recommended concentration Recommended concentration for titering
    MgSO4 3.5 to 4 mM 3 to 4.5 mM
    NaCl 30 to 40 mM 20 to 50 mM
    Primer 75 to 100 nM 50 to 200 nM