Agencourt Ampure Beads (Beckman Coulter) Preparation (E6116)


  1. Vortex Ampure beads to re-suspend.
  2. Transfer 125 μl of Ampure beads to a 1.7 ml micro-centrifuge tube.
  3. Place the tube on a Magnetic Separation Rack. After the beads have collected to the side of the tube and the solution is clear, carefully remove and discard the supernatant. Be careful not to disturb the beads.
  4. Add 73 μl of TE to the beads and vortex until the beads are completely re-suspended.
  5. Add 500 μl of NEBNext Sizing Buffer to the beads, vortex to mix and spin briefly to collect all liquid from the sides of the tube.