FAQ: For L4401P - What is the purpose of yellow shell adaptor?

The strip tubes are provided in a single use yellow shell frame semi-skirted adaptor. This yellow adaptor has chamfered edge at the upper left corner (A1), which supports the use of the product on ABI /Life Technologies® FAST Cyclers and robotic systems. The yellow shell frame provides rigidity to the plate, so it is highly recommended to use for full plate runs in the ABI /Life Technologies FAST Cyclers. If the plate will be used partially, individual 8-well strips can be used with or without the yellow shell frame in ABI /Life Technologies FAST Cyclers. Use of other instrument platforms (e.g., Bio-Rad®) will require removal of the yellow shell adaptor prior to thermocycling. Please see the Plate Information and Instrument Compatibility section in the protocol for recommendations on the use of the yellow shell adaptor in common real-time PCR instruments.