FAQ: What are the differences between the various available Phusion® products?

Stand-alone enzyme formats (NEB #M0530, #M0535, and #E0553) of Phusion polymerase provide the most flexibility for reaction optimization, and are supplied with two buffers: HF and GC.
HF buffer is the default buffer. GC buffer should be used when HF buffer fails or when templates contain high GC content or secondary structures. Both HF Buffer Pack (NEB #B0518) and GC Buffer Pack (NEB #B0519) are available for individual purchase.
We offer Phusion master mix formulations premixed with the HF buffer (NEB #M0531) or GC buffer (NEB #M0532) and dNTPs- just add your template and primers.
Hot Start versions of the stand-alone Phusion polymerase (NEB #M0535) and master mix (NEB #M0536) permit room temperature setup and may decrease nonspecific amplification during early ramping. To learn more about Hot Start enzyme activity control, click here.
The Phusion High-Fidelity PCR Kit (NEB #E0553) contains all reagents needed for PCR, including dNTPs, DMSO, a positive control, and DNA ladder for subsequent gel electrophoresis.