FAQ: How do I rehydrate the LyoPrime Luna mix? Can it be resuspended at a higher concentration?

Vial format: To rehydrate the lyophilized mix as a 2X Master Mix, remove the vial cap and stopper, add 675 μl nuclease-free water, and briefly mix by pipetting or gentle vortexing. The lyophilized mix can be rehydrated at up to 4X to accommodate higher sample volumes. A video demonstration can be found here. Please also see the protocol page for additional information.

Plate format: The lyophilized mix in each well can be rehydrated directly with primers, probes and template to achieve 1X Master Mix (20 μl reaction volume). Therefore, it is highly recommended to prepare an assay mix including primer and probe(s) that is dispensed into each well. Following adding assay mix, briefly mix by pipetting or vortexing using microplate shaker and then add template. Rehydration information can be found on the protocol page here and is also demonstrated in this video.