FAQ: Does the WarmStart LAMP/RT-LAMP 2X Master Mix (with UDG) enable carryover prevention/contamination reduction?

Yes, WarmStart LAMP/RT-LAMP 2X Master Mix (with UDG) is formulated with a mixture of dTTP and dUTP. This ensures both efficient isothermal amplification as well as the incorporation of dU into the reaction products. The mix also contains Antarctic Thermolabile UDG (NEB #M0372 ). LAMP products containing dU serve as a substrate for uracil DNA glycosylase, allowing carryover contamination prevention. Reactions should be set up at room temperature (typically 22-25°C) prior to isothermal incubation to allow dU-containing amplicons to be degraded, or if desired, a 10 minute, 25°C incubation before LAMP can be added to the workflow. Because LAMP can generate large quantities of DNA in very short periods of time, best practices to reduce contamination involve not opening LAMP reactions post amplification.