FAQ: Can I use the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kits for processing plant samples?

We do not recommend this kit for DNA extraction from plants. Polysaccharides in the plant lysates are not effectively removed by the included HMW gDNA Tissue Lysis Buffer, the lysis buffer included in the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kit for Tissue (NEB #T3060). The presence of residual polysaccharides prevents the binding of the DNA to the glass beads. If you have your own lysis system that could be employed in conjunction with our workflow, we certainly encourage you to test this. Our initial work highlighted the importance of starting with at least 50 mg of plant tissue because the binding efficiency to the glass beads requires a critical mass of DNA. Using smaller input amounts will not provide sufficient DNA to allow binding to the beads.

If a nuclei preparation is made from plant samples, please choose the Monarch HMW DNA Extraction Kit for Cells & Blood (NEB #T3050) to process the plant nuclei (NEB has not validated this approach but welcome users to try it). If the plant nuclei are present in a dedicated buffer, use this buffer instead of the Nuclei Prep Buffer. Alternatively, pellet nuclei and resuspended in Nuclei Prep Buffer and follow the protocol from there.

We encourage you to share your feedback on testing our technology with plant samples by emailing us at info@neb.com.