FAQ: How should Immobilized T4 DNA Ligase (NEB #M0569) be stored and handled?

Immobilized T4 DNA Ligase should be stored at -20°C.  Beads should not be stored at -80°C to avoid multiple freeze/thaw cycles.  Upon receipt of the material, we recommend briefly spinning the tube using a mini-centrifuge in order to collect the beads and storage buffer together in the bottom of the tube.  Inadvertent mixing during shipment can result in partitioning of beads and buffer. This can lead to the beads drying out in the tube during storage and result in a loss of enzyme activity. 

The storage buffer contains glycerol for optimal stability, as such, the solution does not “hard freeze” at -20°C, unlike other beads.  Also, the beads do not permanently agglomerate or degrade when frozen.