FAQ: What if my colorimetric LAMP mix is orange instead of pink prior to amplification?

The Colorimetric LAMP Mixes are stable under standard handling and usage conditions. They contain a low concentration of Tris pH 8 and the pH-sensitive Phenol Red shows bright pink color near this pH. After repeated usage of the same tube, a slight drop of pH is possible but will typically not impact reaction performance provided that the mix is still pink prior to amplification. Occasionally, after multiple uses and extended exposure to air, the pH may drop to below pH 7, and the mix will turn a light orange to yellow color before use. This color change provides a visual indication that the solution is no longer suitable for the colorimetric LAMP reaction. Thus it is recommended to avoid extended exposure to air by closing tube caps and storing the master mix in the vial it was provided in (or in similar vials with O-rings) at -20 °C. If the master mix is pipetted into strip tubes, PCR tubes or similar, we recommend using the material within the same day.