FAQ: What are the strain properties of T7 Express lysY/Iq (NEB C3013H)?

T7 Express lysY/Iq is a BL21 derivative which is deficient in Lon and OmpT proteases. The lysY/Iq designation indicates presence of the lysY and lacIq genes on a stably maintained miniF vector that does not require antibiotic selection. All T7 Express strains were designed to express the T7 RNA polymerase from the lac promoter as T7 gene1 is encoded withing the chromosomal lac operon. Therefore, T7 RNA polymerase is repressed by the lac repressor (lacI or lacI8 gene) and induced by IPTG. The LysY inhibitor protein binds to any uninduced level of T7 RNA polymerase and inhibits basal transcription of the target gene.