FAQ: Is it possible to prevent abundant, unwanted RNAs to be included in the Small RNA library?

The NEBNext Small RNA Library Prep kit for Illumina has been developed to capture any short RNAs (17-150 nucleotides) that have 5´ monophosphorylated and 3´ hydroxylated ends, including short ribosomal RNAs (such as Drosophila’s 30nt 2S rRNA), if present in the sample. Blocking oligos can be used to prevent unwanted RNAs to be included in the library as described in this paper: Wickersheim, M.L. and Blumensteil, J.P. (2013) Terminator oligo blocking efficiently eliminates rRNA from Drosophila small RNA sequencing libraries. Biotechniques, 55, 269–272. doi:10.2144/000114102.