FAQ: Does the Luna® qPCR Mix contain dUTP? Can I use carryover contamination prevention methods?

Yes, the Luna qPCR Mix is formulated with a mixture of dTTP and dUTP. This ensures both efficient PCR amplification as well as the incorporation of dU into the products during qPCR. qPCR products containing dU serve as a substrate for uracil DNA glycosylase, allowing carryover contamination prevention. If an amplicon is intended for routine use, if qPCR vessels will be opened, or if avoidance of carryover contamination is desired, 0.025 units/μL Antarctic Thermolabile UDG (NEB #M0372) can be added to the reaction mix. When including Antarctic Thermolabile UDG, set up the qPCR experiments at room temperature or include an additional 2 minute incubation step at 25°C before the default cycling conditions.