FAQ: Does NEB provide plasmids for sgRNA cloning?

NEB does not offer sgRNA synthesis services or plasmids for sgRNA cloning. For cloning, we recommend visiting Addgene to obtain sgRNA plasmids. NEB tools enable a broad variety of methods for manipulating these plasmids. To learn more about methods for rapidly swapping out targeting sequences in plasmids please visit this page: https://www.neb.com/applications/genome-editing/sgrna-template-construction-for-cas9-gene-editings.

For quickly transcribing sgRNAs without the need for cloning or PCR, we recommend the EnGen sgRNA Synthesis Kit, S. pyogenes (NEB #E3322).

Alternatively, oligonucleotide templates encoding sgRNA transcribed by a T7 promoter can be used in conjunction with an in vitro transcription kit such as the NEB’s HiScribe®; T7 Quick High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit (NEB #E2050) to quickly and efficiently produce guide RNAs.