FAQ: What samples can be used in qPCR with the Luna® Mix?

For best results, we recommend an extraction or purification of the DNA/RNA starting material.  The Luna qPCR Master Mixes work with nucleic acids from a variety of sample types purified using typical column-based methods ). (e.g. Monarch® Genomic DNA Purification Kit (NEB #T3010). While Luna qPCR Master Mixes are compatible with a variety of commonly used cDNA kits, we recommend using the LunaScript®  RT SuperMix Kit (NEB #E3010) upstream of the Luna qPCR Master Mix for two-step RT-qPCR workflows. cDNA does not need to be purified before use in Luna qPCR, but should be diluted at least 1:10 into the qPCR reaction.