FAQ: Can I run the Luna® qPCR Mix on my qPCR instrument?

The following Luna qPCR mixes contain a universal passive reference dye that enables compatibility with a wide variety of real-time instruments, including those that use no passive reference normalization dye (e.g. Bio-Rad® CFX), a low concentration passive reference (e.g. Applied Biosystems® 7500 or QuantStudio®), or a high concentration passive reference (e.g. Applied Biosystems 7900 or StepOne®).

Luna Universal qPCR Master Mix (NEB #M3003)
Luna Universal Probe qPCR Master Mix (NEB #M3004)
Luna Universal One-Step RT-qPCR Kit (NEB #E3005)
Luna Universal Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Kit (NEB #E3006)
Luna Probe One-Step RT-qPCR 4X Mix with UDG (NEB #M3019)

LyoPrime Luna Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Mix with UDG (NEB #L4001)

The Luna Probe One-Step RT-qPCR Kit (No ROX) (NEB #E3007) and Luna Probe One-Step RT-qPCR 4X Mix with UDG (No ROX) (NEB #M3029) lack a reference dye and can be used with any instrument that does not require ROX normalization. Please refer to instrument manufacturer’s instructions for greater details.

Additionally, the Luna Mix can be used with standard or fast cycling conditions.