FAQ: Is PNGase A compatible with downstream analysis such as HPLC and Mass Spectrometry?

PNGase A is supplied in a glycerol-free storage buffer to allow for compatibility with downstream analysis such as HPLC and/or Mass Spectrometry due to the fact that glycerol is not tolerated in such instruments. Glycoprotein Denaturing Buffer (containing SDS and DTT) is not compatible with Mass Spectrometry applications, and often times hard to remove from the reaction. Therefore, to create a mass spectrometry compatible reaction, we recommend using PNGase A with only DTT at a final concentration of 40 mM. The reaction should be heated at 55°C for 10 minutes and then cooled before adding the PNGase A.  Increasing the amount of PNGase A or the length of incubation at 37°C may be necessary to achieve full deglycosylation. 

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