FAQ: Two different reaction buffers (10X Deglycosylation Mix Buffer 1 and 2) are supplied with the Protein Deglycosylation Mix II. How do I know which buffer to use?

The 10X Deglycosylation Mix Buffer 1 (B6044S) should be used when native (non-denaturing) conditions are necessary.  10X Deglycosylation Mix Buffer 1 is 500mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.5. This buffer is mild and contains no denaturing or reducing agents.  In this buffer system, the glycoprotein will remain 100% intact. However, deglycosylation under native conditions typically requires excess enzyme and longer incubation times, and in some cases glycan removal will not be complete.  Therefore, when denaturation is acceptable, we recommend using the 10X Deglycosylation Mix Buffer 2 (B6045S).  This buffer will reduce the glycoprotein, but will also provide the most efficient and complete level of deglycosylation. 10X Deglycosylation Mix Buffer 2 is mass spectrometry compatible and does not contain SDS.  Reference the “Protocols and Manuals” tab for the specific protocol associated with each buffer system.