FAQ: What is the difference between NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix/DNA Assembly Cloning kit/Bundle for Large Fragments kit and the current NEB Gibson Assembly Master Mix/Cloning Kit?

The NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix utilizes a high-fidelity polymerase with higher accuracy. While protocols for these kits are similar, the assembled products from NEBuilder HiFi DNA Assembly Master Mix and NEBuilder HiFi Cloning Kit will typically result in more colonies. When large DNA (> 10 kb) or multiple fragments (4+) need to be assembled, increasing the overlap region to 30 bp improves the efficiency of assembly and transformation. There are also no licensing fee requirements from NEB with the NEBuilder products.
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    Find out how NEBuilder® HiFi DNA Assembly can reliably join DNA fragments in a single tube, isothermal reaction, with advantages over NEB Gibson Assembly®.